Work In Progress / 19 January 2021

"Artesanías" - Base Materials Front Porch

Base Materials

I started my base materials on Substance Designer. I made a baked clay material and a ceramic material. The ceramic is the baked clay with a glaze finish and the hue/saturation slightly changed as well. I plan on adding parameters that I can tweak in Substance Painter, like changing the colors and opacity slider for the big clumps:

Glazed Clay / Ceramic
Baked Clay
Node Graph

I made a quick test in Substance Painter with the materials I made. I just exported the image maps from Designer and imported them on Painter and plugged them in, just tweaking the hues and saturation:

I got started on the "Quincha" Wall material. I am trying to nail first the quincha material, which is a mix of like mud/soil, waiter, and hay. The images on the right are the references I'm following:

I continued to refine the quincha material, breaking down the different materials. I decided to individually approach these different parts: cracks, tiny cracks, twigs/hay, soil, and the branch/wood structure. Here is the progress so far:

I think I have finalized the Quincha Wall Material! It took me a while to finish it. It's the most layered material I have made so far, and definitely learned a lot from it. I build separately: the hay/twigs, soil, cracks, tiny cracks, wood grid structure, wall with cracks, and the masks. Parameters: balance of the grunge creates bigger or smaller holes and color of the wall. The first two images are 2 of the different iterations I went over the weekend. The render with color is the final version.

Final Base Material

Final Base Material



Here is a breakdown of my alphas:

I also started creating a sand material for where the grass is:

I realized after this screenshot, that the sand looks too "beachy" and rocky. The sand that I am going for is more like dirt sand? I am attaching the references here. I have beach sand in my refs, as well as the real image of what I am going for (top right corner). I ended doing a little mix of both:


Final Sand/Dirt Material

And I did a quick test render with the exported maps, just to see how it would look like in my environment. I will be blending this material with some dirt/soil made with probably some fractals procedurally in the Maya hypershade, on top of the sand maps. This is how it looks like with just the exported maps from Substance Designer: