Work In Progress / 10 February 2020

The Mill x SCAD - Week 5 - Look Dev No.2

The feedback from the mentors made me feel better. The tunnel has been approved, but I have to look dev it in order to light it. My workflow has not been the best: it's my first time being exposed to the pipeline and how everything works. I'm going to work differently than what I have been doing: I'm look deving the shaders for the tunnel, then lighting the car, and then lighting the environment. I've been lighting the environment first, and that's what making me restart.

- Shaders -

I've been using this helpful chart to understand the metal shaders workflow:

floor texture from:

This is how my shaders ended up looking like:

- Lighting -

For the lighting, I followed Tim Wallace's video:

I ended up changing a little the setup, but followed his principles: lighting the side, the front wheel/side, and the front/hood/front bumper. I added a rim light. Here's my lighting setup for the car:

Yanni advised me to change a little the headlights. I followed her blog example from SDGM Progress (8.5) Headlight Lighting. I also realized the glass has an issue with the rig, where the glass doesn't moves with the rest of the car, so in this render, the glass is not there:

I turned off the emission for 2 columns on each side, since the reference shows only 1 column on. I also added for now a mesh light, like in Yanni's blog.

- Renders -

I'm aiming for the contrast I had in the previous weeks, but with my new scene.  I had to render in 980 x 540 resolution, because doing it HD would kill my render time. I made some test renders with 980 x 540 resolution, testing the samples.

These tests are low res, so I'm hoping using the render layers will help me optimize time.

I'm currently working on the render layers and separating the AOV's in Nuke. I created some ID passes, z depth, car beauty, light passes, and tunnel beauty.

- Problems -

The issues I'm having are with the rig. For some reason, the headlights glass is not completely following it, in fact, it's bending and gets stuck inside the car. It will be fixed soon. 

Another issue I was having, besides render time, was that the renderfarm was ignoring my textures for my standins, so I decided to render with duplicates, and it has been working perfectly.

Other issue I'm still working on is the clipping in the end of the tunnel. With a z depth pass, hopefully it will be fixed.

Last thing, Yanni and I need to make a nice transition from shot 0 to shot 1, showing continuity.