Making Of / 07 April 2021

Frog Project - Idea and Posing

Week 3

Class 06

My new project will be focused on organic surfacing! I will be doing a realistic Red Eyed Tree Frog, in like a stem and some leaves as background. I will be using a base mesh and modifying the mesh from there, as well as sculpting the tertiary details for the texturing process. 


- Mari (1st time using it!)

- ZBrush

- Maya Arnold

- Nuke

I started posing my frog model. The original idea was to download a rigged model so I could pose it, but the .max file didn't transfer properly the rig when I tried to convert it to an .fbx, so I had to manually pose it in ZBrush and fixed the limbs, and I also separated more the eyes. The reference for the pose is the first picture on my collage. I realize one of the bottom legs might be a little long at the moment:

 The CG Trader model:


Week 4

Class 07

I got to do more of the set dress and some basic lighting. I was also able to fix the limbs in ZBrush. I think I'll add more of the leaves and branches on the bottom right, and I just added DoF to get an idea of how it will look like, since I will most likely be adding the DoF in Nuke:

Class 08

I got to start my highpoly of the frog, focusing on fixing any proportions, adding folds, the tendons, the detail on the bottom of the feet, and something that looks like their ear/eardrum behind the eye. I also added around it's eyeball the "nictitating membrane":