Work In Progress / 13 January 2020

The Mill x SCAD - Week 1 - Project Strike

Week 1 - Preparing the Pitch for Car Commercial

This quarter, I'm having the opportunity of working on a collaborative project under mentorship of The Mill. Last week, we got our groups assigned, and I'm working with 4 talented people: Mitch Harper, Elizabeth Delos Reyes, Diana Castellvi, Yanni Fong. The team will consist of two lighters, one compositor, and two FX artists. 

When coming up with ideas, we had created three different concepts. One was playful, while the other two were more elegant/luxury, showing quality over quantity. While trying to refine all of our ideas, we encountered problems like timing, too complicated, too much CG, not enough CG, too many shots, or too much animation.  Finally, we changed to a concept that we all liked and could visualize being done in 9 weeks. 

Our final concept consists of "The Car of Tomorrow, Today", showing a Ferrari 458 Italia. We wanted to incorporate the element of time traveling.

Synopsis: the Ferrari charges down a futuristic light tunnel and exits through a lightning portal that manifests into the world of today. 

The idea contains three shots: The tunnel, the portal, and the arrival. The first shot is full CG and 2nd and 3rd shot are with CG integration.

PREVIS version 1  version 2

Rough very first storyboards 

password: TheMill

Location: Savannah Theater

3D Model and Car Reference

3D Model

Real Car

Color Palette & Slap Comps

Portal FX References

For the FX, we are looking for electric/lightning, pyro and particle. One of our members brought up this video, and thats how we built up our idea.

CG Environment References

For the lighting and environment of the 1st shot, we got inspired by this Lexus commercial. The simplicity and elegancy it portrays is what we are looking for. I really love the reflections on the car :)