Work In Progress / 09 March 2020

The Mill x SCAD - Week 9 and 10 - Final Product!

Last week, I was having some issues, like my tires disappearing. I got rid of the issue of the left tire disappearing: it was the motion blur. By rendering without motion blur, my tires are back in place <3

I also got some cleaner renders, with the diffuse samples. I had to be careful because the render time was already a little high, so I ended up using some denoise, degrain, and median nodes on a couple of AOV's: Diffuse indirect, Specular direct (only for the door), and Specular indirect.

My third major problem was also solved:  I was having a problem where the car looked like it was floating, not touching the tunnel's ground. In the maya file, it is, but I am not sure if it was the reflections or an illusion or what. I ended up fixing it in comp with a lot of rotos :D I added a constant and created rotos to fake the tire:

The color matching was also fixed! I used a frame from shot 3 to color correct the car, so the paint matches. I also fixed the color of the portal light, and added chromatic aberration and it looks AMAZING!

Here's my nuke script:

The final product:

Things I learned from this experience:

- teamwork and collaboration

- pipeline is super important!

- blogging my progress, issues, accomplishments

- time management

- never take feedback personal

- juniors can work with seniors too! just a little bit of adjustment to their pace

- communication

- I understand now full CG compositing; I only knew live action and CG integration

- look development

- I made some friends :) and connections in the industry!

- sleep. is. important.