Work In Progress / 23 February 2020

The Mill x SCAD - Week 7 - Compositing and Refining Renders

For this week, I need to focus on fixing the compositing of the lens flare, glow of the lights inside the rows, matching the red car paint to the others shots, and adding the blue portal light at the end of the shot.

- Headlights -

I've been trying to see how can I fix the glass of the headlights, because in my shot, it looks like is not there, but it is there. I know it looks too purple, but this is what I've been doing:

I used the HDRI for shot 2, to see how it look like:

I also added the glass for the mini light bulbs, even though we had them off. I also realized we only had the mesh lights, so I added the glass around them as well.

These renders are inside my tunnel:

Reference I used:

I can't get that thick glass look, I don't understand how to get it.

- Cryptomatte -

I ran into a small issue when using the cryptomatte. I wanted to select objects that were covered by another object, so I couldn't select them. The headlights were covered by the headlights glass, so I had to re-render that render layer without the glass. I've been using the cryptomatte for the headlights and the rows of lights on the tunnel and ground, adding glow and lens flare.

- Compositing -

Yanni helped me me create like a Z depth mask in nuke, using the "Expression" node. We created a z depth mask for the tunnel, and added it for the blue portal light, so it doesn't hits in the back as much as the front.

This is how the comp is looking so far.  I fixed the "exponential glow" on the rows of lights, because it looked foggy, and fixed the lens flare a little to match the lens flare of shot 0. It's still hard to understand how the lens flare behaves depending on the distance from the camera. I'm still working on re rendering the blue light of the portal, and moving its position so it doesn't hit the tires much. 

password: TheMill