Work In Progress / 01 March 2020

The Mill x SCAD - Week 8 - 90%

For this week, we had to have done 90% of the project. The feedback received from last week from mentors and teammates was:

  • lower the intensity of the light lighting the "high voltage" sign
  • add motion blur
  • cut shot 1
  • try depth of field
  • decrease a little bit the exponential glow on rows
  • Color match CG and live action
  • blow out last frames of the shot, when the portal light appears

- Comp -

For this week, I tried rendering out atmosphere to add it to the scene to see how it could look like. I wasn't sure which lights to use, so I rendered one atmosphere with the portal light, and another one with only the area lights from the rows. I ended up only using the atmosphere with the rows lights.

I also fixed the headlights lights a little, using a "weighted_glow" node, which has really helped a lot. I turned off the rest of the rows of lights from the mini ones, since according to reference, 1/3 rows are turned on.

Decreasing a little the exponential glow on the rows helped it look a little less foggy.  Another thing I got to fix was the intensity of the light lighting the back sign, since our attention was mostly going there instead of the car.

Cutting shot 1 helps with continuity for shot 1 and 2. I removed approx 5 frames so when the car gets out of frame, it transitions without problems to shot 2, when the car gets out of the portal. Blowing out the exposure on the last frames gives the idea of the portal opening, the idea of a flashing/blinding light. 

This is how the shot looks like with: depth of field, flashing portal light, motion blur, and atmosphere:

Here's how it looks without atmosphere:

passwords: TheMill

- What's Next -

For last, we need to work on matching the colors of the CG world to the live action world, and getting a cleaner render.

I found out a new issue: the car looks like its floating/not touching the ground. I checked on the maya file, and it's having contact with the ground. I even tried overlapping the ground to the tires, and it would still like like it's floating.We checked the animation file, and it looks fine. We concluded that it might be an optical illusion? I also tried rendering out an ambient occlusion pass of the ground, and comping it, but it still doesn't work. Not sure how I can fix this issue :(