Work In Progress / 02 March 2021

"Artesanías" - Animation and Final Touches

Finally there is a "final" edit with comp! I would like to try to get rid of some more noise, and add some subtle/ambient animation:

Lighting and Comp breakdown for one of the shots:

Week 1

Class 01

Over the break, I cleaned and organized my blogs. I also emailed the singer for permission to use the song. 

For the first weeks of Spring quarter, I will be focusing on doing the subtle animation that I am missing from the project. I am familiarizing myself with the graph editor at the moment:

I found reference for the hanging pots:

Class 02

I started to do some animation on the hanging pots and drums, using lattice deformers and the graph editor:

perspective view

establishing shot (shot 01)

 shot 02  

the lattice points I animated

Week 2

Class 03

Really loving the lattice deformations power! I was able to finish all the hanging items from the ceiling, so I can work this week on figuring out the plants/grass.


Reference (a bit exaggerated):

Windchimes - references: min 0:06 - 0:29

Clay Bells

establishing shot (shot 01)

Shot 02


lattice deformers used
Julie's matte painting is done! 

Class 04

Grass animation is done! and plants as well!


The whole thing together. I see now I have to fix the grass animation speed (make it even, I can see some areas have a different speed than others) and one of the palm trees as well


Week 3

Class 05

Done!! I need to update shots 3-6, since I couldn't finish rendering for today. Besides the animation, I also fixed a little bit the fill lights, since it felt a little dark in the shadows:

For the first shot, I animated a tiny bit the matte painting's trees, following this tutorial that used an idistort in Nuke. You have to look reaaallly close. I did it more subtle because I was afraid the palm tree was going to look a littke funky:

Fixed animation of plants and grass: